Kres ‘GKR Type 1 Schienentrabi’ Draisine Price Update

Last month, Kres Modelle announced their entrance in the G scale market with two ‘GKR Type 1 Schienentrabi’ draisines. At the time of the announcement, Kres did not provide any pricing info. In a request via email, Kres told G Scale News they estimated the MSRP would be around 250 Euros.

In their latest newsletter, now confirms both draisines (#80000 yellow, #90000 blue) will cost € 249,95 each.

Kres Modelle GKR Type 1 80000 90000

Asking about what we can expect for G scale in the future, Kres told me the announcement of future models depends on the success of these GKR’s. In any case, they will first focus on bringing smaller models to G scale.

Sources: / Kres