‘Gartenbahn Profi’ Harz Rolling Stock Kits Update

The German ‘Gartenbahn Profi’ magazine does not only offer their great magazine, but over the years they announced some 1:22,5 scale rolling stock kits as well. Their HSB bicycle car kit (LE2102) has been available for a few years already, as well as their Saxon cabrio car (LE2111).

They now offer three new Harz kits as well:

  • LE2121 HSB Cabrio Car 99-03-90 – € 246,00
  • LE2122 HSB High-Side Gondola 99-03-83 – € 229,00
  • LE2123 HSB Low-Side Gondola 99-03-71 – € 219,00

The chassis and body are also available separately:

  • LE2120 Chassis – € 149,00
  • LE2131 Body HSB Cabrio Car – € 109,00
  • LE2132 Body HSB High-Side Gondola – € 89,00
  • LE2133 Body HSB Low-Side Gondola – € 79,00

These kits were announced quite some time ago, but somehow I never posted about them on the blog before. According to the info on Gartenbahn Profi’s website (updated on 29 October), the HSB bicycle car, cabrio car and high-side gondola are now (back) in stock, the low-side gondola will be released soon.

Gartenbahn Profi HSB Kits

Source: Gartenbahn Profi