New From Great American Locomotion

Alan from Great American Locomotion (GAL) offers some interesting new project designs in 1:29th scale:

GAL offers a PRR FM 40 ft. flat car (Art. No. 80 451) kit for $ 155,00. An FM 40 ft. flat car with 5 DD1 containers (80 453) costs $ 305,00. A set of 5 containers is also available seperately for $ 165,00. Another flat car offering is a PRR F22/F23 flat car with bolster (80 454), which costs $ 150,00. Each of the flat car kits includes trucks, rivets, ‘Sierra Valley’ wheelsets and bearings. Additional 3D printed detailing kits are available from Shapeways. (Link to flat cars)

Great American Locomotion
Great American LocomotionGreat American Locomotion

Another new item is a DODX 68 ft. flat car kit (80 435) for $ 205,00. Includes 3-axle ‘buckeye’ style trucks, ‘Sierra Valley’ wheels and bearings. The photo below shows an unfinished model from a customer on a layout at the 2015 ECLSTS.  (Link, bottom of page)

Great American Locomotion
Photo credit: Shawn ‘USAT G Scale Group’ on Flickr

Another new product is an REA 53 ft. express reefer (80 431). This large reefer includes all laser cut and etched styrene parts, ‘express’ trucks, bearings, and 36 inch ‘Sierra Valley’ wheelsets. $ 330,00. (Link)

Great American Locomotion

Also new for 1:20,3th scale are car side replacement kits for AMS Jackson and Sharp coaches. More information here: Link.