Website Updates #2 2015

To improve your experience on this website further, I have added a Search widget and a seperate Search page. The default WordPress search function isn’t very good, so I’ve decided to implement something else. As I try to protect your privacy as much as I can (also the reason why you don’t see any social media ‘Share’ buttons on this website), I’ve decided to use DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo is a search engine like Google and Bing, but is primarily focused on protecting their user’s privacy. When you enter your search term on G Scale News, the DuckDuckGo page will show only results from within G Scale News.
Link: Search

I am currently expanding the Database section by adding products from various brands. New is a database with rolling stock from ‘Train Line’, only available in German for now.
Link: Train Line Produktdatenbank (G Scale News DE)

With the announcement of the new G scale brand ‘Pullman’, I have listed their products as well. Available in English and German.
– EN: Pullman Database
– DE: Pullman Produktdatenbank

More databases are coming in a later update, including products from American Mainline (AML) and USA Trains. These will be available in English.