LGB E 10 Upgraded Motorblocks

The E 10 from LGB (Art.No. 20750) was their first attempt to bring a low cost standard gauge locomotive, probably to compete with PIKO. To achieve the lower price point (€ 299,00 at the time), a few sacrifices were made. The motors were not from Bühler, power from the track was only picked up by the power pickup shoes and not from the wheels, and not all axles were powered. The E 10 was delivered in May 2013, and it wasn’t received well. An overview of my posts:

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A Class 139 locomotive (Art.No. 20755) was announced as a 2014 new item, and a new version of the E 10 (Art.No. 21750) was introduced as a Fall New Item this year as well. Both locomotives featured a new gearbox design: all axles are now powered, carbon brushes are fitted for power pickup, and the motor has been replaced by a new one which is now also positioned between the wheels instead of on top of the motorblock. All in all, LGB reverted to their traditional motorblock design.

LGB announced the new motorblocks would be available as a seperate item to upgrade the old E 10 (Art.No. 20750) with the new design. FGB-Berlin reports these new motorblocks for the ‘old’ LGB E 10 are now available. The set of two replacement motorblocks comes with the motor, gears, wheels, traction tires and pickup shoes all fitted. Art.No.: LGB E244653

LGB E 10 Motorblock


Top: ‘Old’ chassis design. Note the two motors are placed on top of the motorblocks.
Bottom: New chassis design.
LGB E 10 Motorblock
LGB E 10 Motorblock

Top: Old motorblock design.
Bottom: New motorblock design.
LGB E 10 Motorblock
LGB E 10 Motorblock

Photo credits: FGB-Berlin / Stefan