G Scale News on Google Play Newsstand

Our website works rather well on a mobile device, but I decided to experiment with Google Play Newsstand. “Play Newsstand” is an app from Google (for Android and iOS) where you can add subscriptions to magazines, RSS feeds and other news sources. Recently, I have created a G Scale News ‘edition’ for Play Newsstand, which looks like this (on Android):

G Scale News on Google Play Newsstand G Scale News on Google Play Newsstand

You can find G Scale News on the following link: G Scale News on Google Play Newsstand.

Want to know more about Play Newsstand? Find Newsstand on Google Play / iTunes App Store.

I noticed it can take up to 24 hours for posts to show up on Play Newsstand, as the algorithm does not rank my edition high enough for more frequent updates. Once more readers will get involved, I guess there will be updates more frequently. As I said, it’s an experiment, so I’ll see how it evolves over time!