Massoth Ends Parallel Updates for LGB MTS II

Massoth announces they will end the parallel updates for the old LGB MTS/MZS II central station at the end of the year.

“[DE] Zum Jahresende entfallen die Paralleldatenupdates für alte LGB Loks und LGB MZS II Komponenten.

Some background information about the “P”-upgrade for the LGB MTS II (Type 2) system:

With the factory settings, Multi-Train System loco function commands are sent “in series” as a combination of “1” commands. For example, when you press button “3,” command “1” is sent three times (1+1+1). Obviously, this “serial” data transmission takes time, as can be seen on the flashing display of the remote.

However, on many LGB locomotives EQUIPPED WITH ONBOARD DECODERS, loco functions 1 – 8 can be transmitted using NMRA-style “parallel” function commands. Parallel function commands are sent directly. For example, “3” is sent as “3.” So there is no pause while data is transmitted. 

To take advantage of parallel function commands, you need an MTS Central Station “Type 2” (LGB 55005) with upgraded software that includes “p” capabilities or “Type III” (LGB 55006). In addition, any input device and wireless component used to transmit the “parallel” commands to the Central Station must have “p” software.
– Source: Upland Garden Railway Society