Photo of KISS Modellbahnen Te 2/2 Pre-Production Sample

As I wrote earlier, KISS Modellbahnen is currently showing a pre-production sample of their 1:22,5 scale Rhaetian Railway Te 2/2 switcher at the IMA model railway exhibition in Cologne (Germany).

On the “Modellbahnen@Cadosch” forum, a first photo of the KISS Te 2/2 was posted. Link: Modellbahnen@Cadosch-Forum IMA 2016 in Köln.

Source: Modellbahnen@Cadosch-Forum

New Version of Train Line HSB Baggage Car

In 2012, Train Line announced the red baggage car of the Harz Narrow Gauge Railways (HSB) in 1:22,5 scale, expanding their existing range of HSB models. The baggage car was available with road numbers 902-304 (Art.No. 3530790) and 902-307 (Art.No. 3530791).

Train Line now released a new version of the 902-307 baggage car with modified car sides. The baggage car now has a prototypical amount of windows on each side, which wasn’t the case previously. The new version has three clear windows and a frosted window on one side, and three clear windows on the other side. The previous version had four clear windows on one side, and four on the other side.

Also new to this version are the addition of truss rods, and the “Wittenberg” trucks.

The new 902-307 unfortunately still has the same item number (3530791), so things might get confusing when buying these cars secondhand or online when it’s not clear which version you are going to get.

Train Line 3530791 HSB Baggage Car 902-307

Train Line 3530791 HSB Baggage Car 902-307

You can find some more photos here: Gallery: Train Line 3530791 HSB Baggage Car 902-307.

The 902-309 (Art.No. 3530792) will also be rereleased in this new version, the 902-308 (3530795) is a new release and did not exist previously.

Source: FGB-Berlin

New Massoth Sound Projects for “Caterpillar” Diesel Locomotives

Massoth released two new sound projects for the “Caterpillar” diesel locomotives. There’s a sound project for both the American and European version of the engine. The European version is available under item number 8220062 with an XLS decoder, the American version is available under item number 8220063. Both sound projects can also be downloaded through the Massoth Service Tool.

Massoth 8220062 Caterpillar Diesel Locomotive European Version

Massoth 8220063 Caterpillar Diesel Locomotive American Version

Source: Massoth

Website Update: New Items Archive

We near the end of 2016, so manufacturers are already busy preparing their new items for 2017. Of course, G Scale News will keep you updated on those new item announcements by publishing the news on the homepage. There will also be a comprehensive overview of new items on the special “New Items 2017” page. You can find it here: New Items 2017.

For many years I have been doing it like that, so there was quite a large archive of new item announcements. I had them on the site for a long time already, but the “New Items Archive” was in desperate need of an overhaul. So in the past few weeks, I have completely rebuilt the archive. The archive now consists of new item announcements from various manufacturers between 2006 and 2016. The older years are far from complete, as a lot of the original promotion materials aren’t available anymore.

For mobile users with a limited data plan, I have listed the file size of every PDF file in the archive. This way, you can decide if you want to view the file or not without wasting too much MB’s. Some of the resources are available in German only, so I have labelled those files as such using [DE] tags.

View the updated archive here: New Items Archive.

Note: several pages in the archive still have missing product descriptions, this is intentional. I need to update several product descriptions in the Product Databases as well. Once I’ve finished that, I can copy and paste the descriptions into the New Item Archive to avoid doing the same thing twice.

Enjoy your trip through G scale history!