Special Offers From Train Line

To celebrate their 15th Anniversary, Train Line has some special offers.

Train Line 3530726 HSB Passenger Car 900-453

Link: Train Line Gartenbahnen

Discontinued Items From PIKO

The following two items are now discontinued by PIKO. They could still be available at your local shop, so if you are interested in buying one you should definitely hurry.

37714 DB Flat Car w/Cars
PIKO G 37714 Flat Car w/Cars

38240 Steam Locomotive with Tender “Camelback” RDG (Digital with Sound and Smoke)
PIKO G 38240 Steam Locomotive with Tender Camelback RDG

Website Updates #3 2015

I’ve been working a several pages to expand the ‘Information‘ section on the website. I feel there’s a need for useful guides regarding analogue and digital systems, as a lot of newcomers to the hobby have a lot of questions about them. I have started the ‘Analogue‘ section with the following pages:
Electric Switch Control
Signal Control
Isolated Track Blocks
Reversing Loops

In the next update, the Analogue section will be expanded further, and a Digital section will be added as well.