USA Trains Product Survey

USA Trains launched a survey on new product developments, which gives you the opportunity to give input on which items they should produce in the future.

USA Trains wants your input on new product developments to ensure we continue to produce items you are interested in purchasing for your model railroad. We value your opinions and comments and would appreciate your cooperation in completing this survey. If you have any other suggestions or comments not mentioned in this survey please write your comment at the end of the survey or wite us at USA Trains, PO Box 100, Malden, MA 02148.

Link: USA Trains Product Survey Introduction
Link: USA Trains Product Survey Submit Form

PIKO Deliveries in July

37550 Diesel Locomotive V 20
38219 Steam Locomotive with Tender ‘Mogul’ WP&YR
PIKO G 37550 Diesel Locomotive V 20PIKO G 38219 Steam Locomotive with Tender 'Mogul' WP&YR

38631 Wood Coach WP&YR 218
38632 Wood Coach WP&YR 238 (not shown)
PIKO G 38631 Wood Coach WP&YR 218

38633 Wood Combine WP&YR 209
38634 Wood Drovers Caboose WP&YR 211
PIKO G 38633 Wood Combine WP&YR 209PIKO G 38634 Wood Drovers Caboose WP&YR 211

38864 Christmas Car 2015
PIKO G 38864 Christmas Car 2015

Dietz Sounds For PIKO V 20

With the delivery of the V 20 diesel locomotive from PIKO in July, Dietz now offers a matching sound project for their ‘micro’, ‘X-clusive’ and ‘Profi’ sound decoders. Link: Dietz

Talking about the V 20… I will receive one from PIKO soon, so you can expect a review of the model here on G Scale News.

RhB Ge 4/6 & Te 2/2 from KISS Modellbahnen

KISS Modellbahnen announced two new models for the Rhaetian Railway (RhB). The Ge 4/6 electric locomotive was offered by KISS in the past, and now makes its comeback. An entirely new model is the small Te 2/2 electric loco.

RhB Ge 4/6 Electric Locomotive

  • Art.No. 610 010 – RhB 353, brown
  • Art.No. 610 011 – RhB 354, brown
  • Art.No. 610 012 – RhB 355, brown

The Ge 4/6 is a full metal (brass) construction, and comes with an ESU digital sounddecoder, stainless steel wheels, sprung buffers, LED lighting, cab lighting, opening doors… Price: € 3.290,00.

KISS RhB Ge 4/6

RhB Te 2/2 Electric Locomotive

  • Art.No. 610 130 – RhB 71, red
  • Art.No. 610 131 – RhB 72, orange
  • Art.No. 610 132 – RhB 73, orange
  • Art.No. 610 133 – FO 4926, red

The Te 2/2 offers the same features as the Ge 4/6. Price: € 1.690,00.

KISS RhB Ge 2/2

Source: KISS Modellbahnen

LGB RhB ‘Gourmino’ Dining Car Pics

FGB-Berlin provided some pictures of the RhB ‘Gourmino’ dining car (LGB 30521) that has been released recently. This nostalgic coach carries road number WR 3811, and comes with metals wheels and opening doors. MSRP: € 419,99.

LGB 30521 Gourmino Dining Car
LGB 30521 Gourmino Dining Car
LGB 30521 Gourmino Dining Car
LGB 30521 Gourmino Dining Car

LGB also offered other paint schemes in the past:

  • LGB 30520 RhB Dining Car WR 3812 (blue), 2006
  • LGB 30523 RhB Dining Car WR 3810 (red), 2010

Source: FGB-Berlin

DFB Draisine Xmh 4961 from Ed’s Gartenbahn

Ed’s Gartenbahn announced a new item on their Facebook page:

A small summer surprise: the DFB Draisine Xmh 4961. The model is equipped with a digital decoder, both axles are powered (one axle directly by a Buhlermotor, the other one by a small belt from Optibelt). Of course the model is having a cog wheel, working with the LGB rack-system. Ball bearings, steel wheel rims, front lights and a driver are standard. Available with or without a Sounddecoder (VW motor). Weight appr. 500 grams. For more information: please send an email. (The pictures show the pre-production model)

More information about the prototype can be found here (in German): DFB

Ed's Gartenbahn DFB Draisine Xmh 4961

Link: Ed’s Gartenbahn