New ESU LokSound for ‘GG-1′ Locomotives

ESU released a new sound file for their ‘LokSound (XL) V4.0′ digital decoder. The new sound for the GG-1 type electric locomotive is now available for download on ESU’s website.

“The iconic GG-1 is known around the world as the American Electric Streamliner. Built by GE and the famous Pennsylvania Railroad Altoona Shops, the GG-1s were constructed between 1934 to 1943. Operating in a multitude of paint schemes the GG-1s ran on PRR, Penn Central, Conrail, Amtrak, and NJT. Primarily they ran on the North East Corridor between New York City and Washington DC. They did occasionally see service on other electric lines around the north east United States.

Though the GG-1 was relatively quiet compared to its diesel electric cousins our ESU version includes correct GG-1 A-200 Air horns, Proper GG-1 Bells, Sounds of the pantographs going up and down, transformer sounds, traction motor fans, traction motor gear whine, random compressor, new air release and brake squeal sounds, curve squeal, and track sounds.”

The picture below shows a GG-1 in Pennsy livery from USA Trains. LGB also offered the GG-1 in various paint schemes.

USA Trains R20031 GG-1

Link: ESU

Digital ‘Franzburg’ from Dietz

Dietz offers a conversion service for the LGB ‘Franzburg’ locomotive, which can be equipped with a digital decoder with sound for € 199.

Also included in the price is the modification of the cab. In the standard analogue model, LGB lowered the roof inside the cab as the analogue electronics were fitted inside it. Dietz hides the electronics elsewhere, therefore the lowered roof is removed.

Customers can send their Franzburg to Dietz for the conversion, or Dietz can provide the Franzburg themselves.

Dietz Franzburg Service

Link: Dietz

Planned Deliveries From Train Line

At the beginning of the year, Train Line made the wise decision not to announce new models but delivering announcements from previous years instead. For instance, the HSB narrow gauge 99 6101 ‘Pfiffi’ steam locomotive was announced in 2011. Another example is the HSB cabrio car announced in 2012.

Meik Schröder told me they are currently producing the moulds of the cabrio car, which they hope to deliver in June. The moulds for the HSB 99 6101 are being worked on as well, and Train Line expects the locomotive to be available at the end of the year. The photo below shows a handmade prototype.

Train Line 2012001 HSB 99 6101 Pfiffi

The Rhaetian Railway (RhB) freight cars (also announced in 2011) will be available in 2016.

Link: Train Line Gartenbahnen

LGB Depesche 2/2015

The second issue of the recently resurrected Depesche is now available from LGB.

LGB Depesche 2/2015“It’s here: issue number two of the new LGB Depesche. After the first issue appeared, we were overwhelmed with letters and messages from loyal LGB fans at home and abroad congratulating us on the ‘resurrection’ and fresh concept of this long-established magazine, well-known to many of you. You told us how much you liked the new layout and contents and described in great detail your emotional attachment to the LGB brand. Or to put it in reader Thomas Krieschebuch’s own words: “It’s like coming home after having a renovation done. A super job!” We thank our readers most sincerely for their praise and chorus of “Carry on!”. It is all the encouragement we need, and shows we are on the right track.

We have put this issue together for you with this in mind. Here you can read all about the new model of the legendary “Franzburg” and enjoy generous, professionally-produced photographs showing locos and cars in all their wonderful details which make you want to get hold of them. The first part of our series of articles on upgrading readers’ layouts for digital operations is most warmly recommended to all those interested in the digital world of Central Station 2. An upgrade is a lot easier than you might think.

Be transported by this LGB Depesche into summer into the glorious LGB garden-land and glean suggestions and tips for your hobby. For instance, from reader Siegfried Ade’s large layout, which has melded perfectly with his garden or with background knowledge about prototype of the uncommon RhB tractor Tm 2/2 91. Enjoy your reading!”

Link: Depesche