New 4 ft. Switches from Bachmann

Bachmann is now shipping two new switches. The 30 degree 4′ diameter switch (4 ft = 121 cm diameter = similar to LGB and PIKO R1) comes in brass, and is available as a left and right switch for $ 55,00 (~ € 50,00) each.

  • 94658 30 Degree 4′ Diameter Turnout Right
  • 94659 30 Degree 4′ Diameter Turnout Left

Also shipping is a new manual switch stand (Art.No. 94648) for $ 17,00 (~ € 15,60).

Link: Bachmann Trains

Metal Wheels Special Offer from FGB-Berlin

Yesterday, I posted about the lack of metal wheels on the new LGB DB hopper car set. FGB-Berlin offers the set of three cars with FGB metal wheels for an additional charge of just € 60,00. At € 5,00 / axle, that seems like a pretty good deal.

According to the FGB website, the hopper car sets (LGB 40980 / 40981) are scheduled for delivery in September 2015.

Link: FGB-Berlin LGB 40980

Plastic Wheels For LGB DB Hopper Car Set

I was pleasantly suprised when LGB announced their ‘Summer New Items‘ for 2015, as the DB type Fad 168 hopper car sets are a great announcement.

LGB 40980 DB Hopper Car Set Fad 168

At € 369,95 and € 389,95 (weathered), both sets of three cars seemed reasonably priced. However, there was no mention of metal wheels in the product description. I also noticed some confusion about it on several internet forums, so I checked with LGB yesterday. They confirmed the hopper cars come with plastic wheels.

A bit of a strange move, certainly as LGB is delivering all their new rolling stock with metal wheels since 2013. Why make an exception for these hopper car sets only?

Link: LGB Summer New Items 2015