G Scale News on Google Play Newsstand

Our website works rather well on a mobile device, but I decided to experiment with Google Play Newsstand. “Play Newsstand” is an app from Google (for Android and iOS) where you can add subscriptions to magazines, RSS feeds and other news sources. Recently, I have created a G Scale News ‘edition’ for Play Newsstand, which looks like this (on Android):

G Scale News on Google Play Newsstand G Scale News on Google Play Newsstand

You can find G Scale News on the following link: G Scale News on Google Play Newsstand.

Want to know more about Play Newsstand? Find Newsstand on Google Play / iTunes App Store.

I noticed it can take up to 24 hours for posts to show up on Play Newsstand, as the algorithm does not rank my edition high enough for more frequent updates. Once more readers will get involved, I guess there will be updates more frequently. As I said, it’s an experiment, so I’ll see how it evolves over time!

Let’s get back to trains now :) , next up is a review of the LGB 40030 HSB Freight Car Set! I hope to publish it within a few days.

PIKO Deliveries in October

PIKO has been busy, and delivered the following items this month.

  • 36166 Metal Wheelset 30 mm Dia. 2 Pcs. Red, Chrome-Nickel Plated
  • 37140 Digital Freight Starter Set DB IV with sound
  • 37761 Flat car with stakes Res DR IV
  • 38241 CNJ 2-6-0 Camelback Loco “Blue Comet” & Tender w/Sound
  • 38620 CNJ Wood Coach, Blue Comet #1
  • 38621 CNJ Wood Coach, Blue Comet #2
  • 38622 CNJ Wood Combine, Blue Comet
  • 38700 SF Flat Car with Stakes
  • 38705 PRR Tank Car
  • 38710 PRR Flat Car with Stakes
  • 38711 D&RGW Tank Car

User “Stefans Gartenbahn” posted a few pictures of the new DR era IV flat car on the German “Gartenbahn Spur G” forum: PIKO 37761 Flat car with stakes Res DR IV

“TrainWorld” has an album with pictures of the “Blue Comet” locomotive and coaches on their Facebook page, and a picture of the new Pennsylvania tank car as well. Link: PIKO #38241 CNJ 2-6-0 Camelback Loco “Blue Comet” & Tender

New from Massoth: Train Destination Display

Massoth announced a new item for this fall: a programmable train destination display. Some of the features:

  • The Train-Destination-Display may be operated in digital (DCC) and analog mode.
  • The factory default settings are set to operate the display in the RhB ALLEGRA.
  • The display comes in the required housing which makes it easy to mount it into the ALLEGRA train but also many other cars (modification required).
  • It simply connects to track power for operation. Round about 400 station names (single line display and two line display available) and 18 images from major narrow gauge and regular gauge stations are preconfigured (worldwide, for example Germany, Switzerland, USA, etc.) and can be accessed by function keys when assigned by CV programming.
  • The display also supports the brand new binary state functions as well as a stepping feature and contact operation.
  • Besides a variety of special display information as „Guterzug“, „Werksfahrt“, „Arbeitszug“, etc. some event texts are included, such as „Happy Birthday“, „Merry Christmas“, „Happy New Year“, etc.
  • The display also supports a clock display (digital and analog), both in real time and model time.
  • Still not enough? You may even programm your own station names to display.

Two samples:
Massoth 8161102 Train Destination Display
Massoth 8161102 Train Destination Display

Link to full list of features: Massoth 8161102 Train Destination Display

Article number: 8161102
Price: MSRP €121 (set of 2)

Special Parts Offer from Bachmann

Bachmann now offers a twenty percent discount on parts:

Now until November 2, 2014, ONLY, use the special code “CANDY” to enjoy 20% off any regularly priced Bachmann parts currently in stock when you place an order for a minimum of $50.00 (not including shipping) directly from Bachmann’s Parts Catalog on our website.

Link: Bachmann Parts Catalog