LGB Delivery Dates Update

LGB updated their list with planned delivery dates for their 2014 new items.

Planned for April are the following items:

  • 24266 Dampflokomotive Nicki + Frank S. DKMB
  • 39661 Wagenpackung Bernina-Express, Ep.V [2013]
  • 47899 Wagenset Containertragwagen RHB EP. V [2013]
  • 55028 Nachrüst-Lokdecoder

The updated list with all deliveries planned for 2014: http://www.gscalenews.com/new-items/2014/lgb/delivery-dates

120 ton Crane from Great American Locomotion

Great American Locomotion (GAL) announced a 120 ton crane at the end of 2013, which I still wanted to share with you today.

Their latest kit is a 120 ton steam crane in 1/29th scale, and costs $484.00 (~ €350.00). Only couplers, detail parts, paint and road markings need to be supplied yourself.

Great American Locomotion 120t Crane

An optional longer crane boom (with bucket) is available for $80.00 (~ €58.00), pictured below.

Great American Locomotion 120t Crane

More information and pictures are available at GAL’s website: http://www.thegalline.com/Page21.html