New MX699 Decoder From ZIMO

ZIMO is currently working on a new version of their large scale decoder, named ‘MX699′. Compared to the current MX695 decoders, the new MX699 has expanded from 2×12 rows to 2×14 rows to support the Märklin/LGB decoder interface. There are more changes, which I will go into further detail about in a later post.

ZIMO MX699 Large Scale Decoder Preview

The first deliveries of the MX10/MX32 digital system from ZIMO took place in December, further deliveries will start mid February.

Kiss Modellbahnen Deliveries in 2015

In their latest newsletter, Kiss Modellbahnen mentioned the delivery of both the Harz 99 6001 and RhB Mallet G 2×2/2 is scheduled for the ‘end of 2015′.

“Beide Spur IIm Modelle, sowohl die Harzer BR 99 6001 wie auch die RhB Mallet Scaletta/Albula sind in der Konstruktion und sollen noch Ende dieses Jahres ausgeliefert werden.”

Scheduled deliveries:

  • Kiss Modellbahnen 76109 RhB G 2×2/2 Mallet “Scaletta” 21 – November 2015
  • Kiss Modellbahnen 76110 RhB G 2×2/2 Mallet “Albula” 22 – November 2015
  • Kiss Modellbahnen 76111 BR 99 6001 – September 2015
  • Kiss Modellbahnen 76112 NWE 21 – September 2015