New Sound Projects from Massoth

Massoth released two new sound projects. The first one is a new sound project for the French ‘Corpet-Louvet’ steam locomotive (e.g. LGB 20781), which can be used for both the XLS and XLS-M1 sound decoders. The second new sound project is for the HSB 99 7234 steam locomotive in a special “60 Years Brocken Locomotive” edition, which can be used with the XLS decoder.

Both sound projects are available in the Massoth Service Tool.

Charles Ro Clearance Sale

Charles Ro is currently having a clearance sale of USA Trains models. Locomotives and rolling stock with low quantities – including some custom run items – are offered at sale prices. The items are all new or slightly used.

Some Accucraft, Bachmann, LGB and Aristo-Craft rolling stock is also included in the sale, as well as a range of Kadee couplers, Woodland Scenics figures, Bridgewerks controllers and Aristo track.

Link: Charles Ro Clearance Sale

Source: Charles Ro / USAT G Scale Group

New “Patriotic Series” Car from USA Trains

USA Trains announced a new reefer car in their “Patriotic Series”. The new reefer with a special “Purpose of the Constitution” paint scheme (R16000) complements the three previously announced patriotic cars (R16486, R16487, R16498).

  • R16486 Liberty Bonds “Old Glory” Patriotic Car
  • R16487 “Pledge of Allegiance” Patriotic Car
  • R16498 “We The People” Patriotic Car
  • R16000 “Purpose of the Constitution” Patriotic Car – NEW

USA Trains R16486 Liberty Bonds Old Glory Patriotic CarUSA Trains R16487 Pledge of Allegiance Patriotic CarUSA Trains R16498 We The People Patriotic CarUSA Trains R16000 Purpose of the Constitution Patriotic Car

The patriotic cars are listed for $ 109,95 on the USA Trains website, but Charles Ro offers them for $ 68,95 each, with a special price of $ 194,95 when buying three cars.

Source: USA Trains / Charles Ro / USAT G Scale Group