Discontinued Items from PIKO

PIKO published a list of discontinued items for G scale. The items below are (almost) sold out at the factory, but they might still be available at your local shop. If you are interested in buying one of these models, you should definitely hurry.

  • 30017 Tank Car w/Brake Cab ‘OMV’, ÖBB III
  • 37305 Railbus VT 798 ‘Signaldienst’, DB AG VI
  • 37921 Passenger Car 2nd/3rd Class, DB III
  • 37937 Boxcar, DB III

PIKO G 30017PIKO G 37305
PIKO G 37921PIKO G 37937

Source: PIKO

PIKO America ‘Product Spotlight’ November 2015

PIKO America uploaded a new video that showcases new items that just arrived in the US from PIKO.

PIKO Germany delivered all the 2015 PIKO G scale new items last month, but – as always – worldwide availability takes a bit longer. An overview of all 2015 new item deliveries from PIKO: PIKO G New Items 2015 – Delivery Dates

Latest Arrivals from Prehm Miniaturen

Prehm Miniaturen released several new 1:22,5 scale figures. All figures are made from metal (unless stated otherwise), and hand painted.

500036 Shunter DR/HSB – 500037 Shunter DR/HSB – 500041 Fireman RhB
Prehm 500036Prehm 500037Prehm 500041

500051 Monk (grey) – 500051A Monk (brown) – 550052 Conductor RhB (plastic)
Prehm 500051Prehm 500051aPrehm 550052

500050 Pastor – 500119 Man with Mower
Prehm 500050Prehm 500119

Source: FGB-Berlin

New Power Buffer from Dietz

Dietz announced a new power buffer in two versions with either 6 or 7 ‘Goldcaps’.

  • SPK-GC-6 Power buffer 6 Goldcaps (58 x 22 x 11 mm) – MSRP € 59,00
  • SPK-GC-7 Power buffer 7 Goldcaps (66 x 22 x 11 mm) – MSRP € 65,00

Dietz SPK-GC-6 Goldcap

The SPK-GC-6 is intended for ‘normal’ use, the SPK-GC-7 is an extra powerful buffer intended for power-hungry locomotives that for example have sound and a pulsed smoker installed.

Both power buffers charge automatically, and don’t need to be disconnected while programming the loco. Connecting to a ‘BufferControl’ terminal on the decoder is not necessary.

The power buffers are now available.

Source: Dietz