FGB Berlin Celebrates 10th Anniversary

To celebrate their 10th Anniversary, FGB-Berlin currently has some special offers:

  • Thiel flexible track, 1,50 m, 10 pcs. for €199,90 instead of €231,90
  • Massoth rail connectors, 100 pcs for €99,90 instead of 109,90
  • FGB Metal Axles, 20 Pcs. for €99,90 instead of €119,90
  • Ruderer plastic glue, 3 pcs. For €9,90 instead of €11,70

FGB also offers discounts on 60 and 120 cm LGB straight track sections and they’ve changed prices for LGB locomotives.

FGB 10 year anniversary

All special offers: https://fgb-berlin.de/index.php/de/component/virtuemart/jubilaeumsangebote
LGB locomotives: https://fgb-berlin.de/index.php/de/component/virtuemart/spur-iim-g/lgb/lgb-lokomotiven

Train Line “Pfiffi” Prototype Stolen

Train Line reports the prototype of the Pfiffi 99 6101 steam locomotive has been stolen at the “Intermodellbau” event in Dortmund, Germany. The locomotive is a one-off prototype, and is easily recognised (see pictures below).

As a reward for finding the locomotive, Train Line offers a fully equipped “Pfiffi” with a WLAN or DCC decoder and sound.

In den Abendstunden des 11.04.2014 auf der Intermodellbau in Dortmund (MoBa-Abend) wurde von unserem Messestand (Halle 4 C28) das Handmuster der HSB Pfiffi 99 6101 gezielt vom Messestand gestohlen!

Die Lok ist ein Unikat und sofort erkennbar, der Diebstahl wurde bei der Polizei zur Anzeige gebracht.

Für unsere Konstruktionszwecke möchten wir das Handmuster gerne wieder in unseren Händen halten. Als Dank für die Wiederbeschaffung geben wir unsere Pfiffi als Serienmodell incl. Decoder und Sound.

Train Line Pfiffi Prototype
click to enlarge

Train Line Pfiffi Prototype
click to enlarge

Link: http://www.train-line45.de/

PIKO 2014 New Items: Delivery Dates & Price Evolution

As usual, PIKO provides information about the planned delivery dates for their new items, and so far they haven’t dissappointed their customers by sticking to these dates and not delaying items endlessly like other manufacturers sometimes do. The following link is a list of all scheduled deliveries for 2014: PIKO G New Items 2014 – Delivery Dates

Usually, I don’t write my opinion about the prices of models, but this time I can’t resist as the pricing of PIKO’s 2014 range is worrying me. Before we jump to conclusions, let’s compare the prices of specific models over the last few years and the new list for 2014. All prices in Euros.

Model 2010 2012 2013 2014
 BR 254 Electric loco  500.00  515.00
 BR 64  450.00  495.00
 VT11.5 TEE 600.00  650.00
 Taurus Electric loco’s  255.00  290.00  295.00  300.00
“Nahverkehrswagen” coaches  170.00  175.00  185.00
“Umbauwagen” 3-axle coaches  110.00  125.00  135.00
 Container freight car  90.00  105.00  110.00  115.00
All prices are taken from the official PIKO webshop, and are MSRP.

As you might know, PIKO changed the design of their motorblocks over the years, which led to higher production costs and thus, more expensive locomotives. The VT11.5 TEE however, hasn’t changed technically since it’s introduction in 2012, and suffers from a significant price increase just like the BR 64 (introduced in 2013).

Will this stop me from buying PIKO stuff now? No, – like many others – probably not. I do fear that it will become too expensive for starters, and more importantly: children.