LGB Depesche 2/2015

The second issue of the recently resurrected Depesche is now available from LGB.

LGB Depesche 2/2015“It’s here: issue number two of the new LGB Depesche. After the first issue appeared, we were overwhelmed with letters and messages from loyal LGB fans at home and abroad congratulating us on the ‘resurrection’ and fresh concept of this long-established magazine, well-known to many of you. You told us how much you liked the new layout and contents and described in great detail your emotional attachment to the LGB brand. Or to put it in reader Thomas Krieschebuch’s own words: “It’s like coming home after having a renovation done. A super job!” We thank our readers most sincerely for their praise and chorus of “Carry on!”. It is all the encouragement we need, and shows we are on the right track.

We have put this issue together for you with this in mind. Here you can read all about the new model of the legendary “Franzburg” and enjoy generous, professionally-produced photographs showing locos and cars in all their wonderful details which make you want to get hold of them. The first part of our series of articles on upgrading readers’ layouts for digital operations is most warmly recommended to all those interested in the digital world of Central Station 2. An upgrade is a lot easier than you might think.

Be transported by this LGB Depesche into summer into the glorious LGB garden-land and glean suggestions and tips for your hobby. For instance, from reader Siegfried Ade’s large layout, which has melded perfectly with his garden or with background knowledge about prototype of the uncommon RhB tractor Tm 2/2 91. Enjoy your reading!”

Link: LGB.com Depesche

New from Great American Locomotion [Updated]

Alan from Great American Locomotion (GAL) announced some new products in 1:29th scale.

The first new product is a set of 24 chain binders – 4 open and 20 closed – for $ 24,00 (Art.No. 87 002-1). Other scales are available on request.

Great American Locomotion

As an addition to the earlier announced DODX flat car kit, GAL now offers a set of dry transfer car markings (Art.No. 87 003) for $ 18,00. Eight different car numbers are available. When ordering all eight sets, each set costs $ 17,00.

Great American Locomotion DODX 68ft flat car

Available at the end of the month is a PRR N5 caboose, which will be available in three different versions. Included will be a full interior, appropriate trucks, Sierra Valley wheels, brass bearings and custom dry transfer lettering sets for the Pennsylvania and PRSL (Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines) versions. Optional 3D printed parts will be available for further detailing.

Link: Great American Locomotion

First Photos of the DB ‘Silberling’ Control Car

PIKO offers the ‘Silberling’ passenger cars in a variety of liveries (e.g. DB AG, City-Bahn, Alex) for a few years now, but a matching control car was missing. PIKO then finally announced a type ‘Wittenberg’ control car (Art.No. 37635) as a 2015 new item, which is now being delivered.

PIKO G 37635 Silberling Control Car Wittenberg

Christian Fesl posted two photos of the new control car at the German ‘Gartenbahn Spur G’ forum, you can find them here: Gartenbahn Spur G – PIKO Steuerwagen

‘100 Jahre Chur-Arosa’ Ge 4/4 II from LGB

On their Facebook page, ‘Volldampf’ posted three pictures of a ‘surprise’ new item from LGB: the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) Ge 4/4 II electric locomotive in a ‘100 Jahre Chur-Arosa’ celebration livery. According to Volldampf, the new locomotive (Art.No. 28440) will be available in 2016.

LGB 28440 RhB Ge 4/4 II 100 Jahre Chur Arosa
Photo source: RhB.ch

LGB has introduced several other celebration liveries for the RhB Ge 4/4 II in the past, here’s an overview:

  • 28435 ‘100 Jahre Berninabahn’
  • 28437 ‘100 Jahre Chur-Disentis’
  • 28438 ‘100 Jahre Bever-Scuol’
  • 28439 ‘125 Jahre RhB’

Link: Facebook – Volldampf

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