‘100 Jahre Chur-Arosa’ Ge 4/4 II from LGB

On their Facebook page, ‘Volldampf’ posted three pictures of a ‘surprise’ new item from LGB: the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) Ge 4/4 II electric locomotive in a ‘100 Jahre Chur-Arosa’ celebration livery. According to Volldampf, the new locomotive will be available in 2016.

LGB has introduced several other celebration liveries for the RhB Ge 4/4 II in the past, here’s an overview:

  • 28435 ‘100 Jahre Berninabahn’
  • 28437 ‘100 Jahre Chur-Disentis’
  • 28438 ‘100 Jahre Bever-Scuol’
  • 28439 ‘125 Jahre RhB’

Link: Facebook – Volldampf

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PIKO Deliveries in May

37542 Diesel Locomotive BR 199, Narrow Gauge “Deutsche Reichsbahn”
37635 “Silver Coin” Control Car Bnrbzf 483.1 Wittenberg (36139 Interior Lighting seperately available)
PIKO G 37542PIKO G 37635

37943 Cattle Car, DB III
38718 Container Car SP
PIKO G 37943PIKO G 38718

38856 Covered Hopper PRR
38860 Boxcar WP
PIKO G 38856PIKO G 38860

38862 Transfer Caboose SF
38863 Transfer Caboose PRR
PIKO G 38862PIKO G 38863

Check out the full list of scheduled deliveries for 2015: PIKO G New Items 2015 – Delivery Dates

New 4 ft. Switches from Bachmann

Bachmann is now shipping two new switches. The 30 degree 4′ diameter switch (4 ft = 121 cm diameter = similar to LGB and PIKO R1) comes in brass, and is available as a left and right switch for $ 55,00 (~ € 50,00) each.

  • 94658 30 Degree 4′ Diameter Turnout Right
  • 94659 30 Degree 4′ Diameter Turnout Left

Also shipping is a new manual switch stand (Art.No. 94648) for $ 17,00 (~ € 15,60).

Link: Bachmann Trains