Metal Wheels Special Offer from FGB-Berlin

Yesterday, I posted about the lack of metal wheels on the new LGB DB hopper car set. FGB-Berlin offers the set of three cars with FGB metal wheels for an additional charge of just € 60,00. At € 5,00 / axle, that seems like a pretty good deal.

According to the FGB website, the hopper car sets (LGB 40980 / 40981) are scheduled for delivery in September 2015.

Link: FGB-Berlin LGB 40980

Plastic Wheels For LGB DB Hopper Car Set

I was pleasantly suprised when LGB announced their ‘Summer New Items‘ for 2015, as the DB type Fad 168 hopper car sets are a great announcement.

LGB 40980 DB Hopper Car Set Fad 168

At € 369,95 and € 389,95 (weathered), both sets of three cars seemed reasonably priced. However, there was no mention of metal wheels in the product description. I also noticed some confusion about it on several internet forums, so I checked with LGB yesterday. They confirmed the hopper cars come with plastic wheels.

A bit of a strange move, certainly as LGB is delivering all their new rolling stock with metal wheels since 2013. Why make an exception for these hopper car sets only?

Link: LGB Summer New Items 2015

Website Updates #4 2015

In order to help out hobbyists who are just getting started with G scale, I’ve been working on some track related pages lately.

First of all, I am working on an overview of track manufacturers, but this is still a work in progress as we speak. A newly added page is the ‘Rail Joiners‘ page, which lists a number of rail joiners and rail clamps from various manufacturers. Also new is a page with insulating rail clamps and isolated track sections. I have also updated the ‘How to Remove Rail Joiners‘ page.

Nobody likes cleaning the track, so I’ve listed a few track cleaning cars and tools that make your life easier: Track Cleaning.

I have a few more roundups planned, and the existing ones will be expanded further over time. That’s it for now, see you in the next one…

Detailing Set For PIKO TEE offers several detailing sets for locomotives from PIKO and LGB. If I am not mistaken, Grootspoor originally did the design of those and later cooperated with Massoth for the distribution.

A new offering is a detailing set for the PIKO TEE diesel multiple unit train. This set of detailing parts contains all the parts you need for the decoration of both power car cabins. All parts are plastic, and come in white. Looking at the pictures, it seems the parts are 3D printed. detailing set for PIKO TEE detailing set for PIKO TEE

The detailing sets is available for € 259,95. Link: