PIKO G Discontinued Items 2014

According to the 2014 catalogue from PIKO, the following models are end of range:

  • 36303 Container 20′ ”Hamburg Süd” VI
  • 37200 Steam loco BR 80 DR III
  • 37541 Diesel Locomotive BR 199 “Harzer Schmalspurbahnen” V
  • 37607 Umbau Passenger Car BD3yg 2. cl. w Luggage Compartment DB IV
  • 37608 Umbau Passenger Car B3yg 2. cl. DB IV
  • 37904 Flat car DR III
  • 37922 Passenger Car 2. cl. ÖBB III
  • 38600 D&RGW Passenger Coach 306
  • 38601 D&RGW Combine Car
  • 38819 SF Chico Refrigerator Car
  • 38820 NYC Offset-Side Hopper
  • 38822 Christmas Car 2012
  • 38834 Christmas Car 2013
  • 38840 Santa Fe Box Car

Some models are already out of stock at PIKO, but you might still find them at your local shop. So if you really want one of the these engines or cars, better hurry.

The items mentioned above were explicitely listed as end of range in the catalogue, but some other models have disappeared from the PIKO webshop as well:

  • 37300 VT98 / VS98 Railbus and Trailer, DB III
  • 37304 VT798 / VS998 Railbus and Trailer, “Prignitzer Eisenbahn” V
  • 37430 Electric Loco BR 194 DB IV
  • 37520 Diesel Locomotive BR 260 DB IV
  • 38210 D&RGW Mogul Steam Loco and Tender with Smoke

LGB ‘Franzburg’ Delivery in January 2015

Fans of the DEV ‘Franzburg’ Era IV steam locomotive (Art.No. 20181) had to be patient: Announced in 2013, delayed in 2014, and finally available in January 2015… At least, according to the latest planned delivery dates list from LGB.

LGB 20181 Franzburg Steam Locomotive

LGB has scheduled some more deliveries of 2014 new items for the coming months. Planned for December is the ‘Anniversary Set for 125 Years of the Rhaetian Railroad’ (Art.No. 29271):

LGB 29271 Anniversary Set for 125 Years of the Rhaetian Railroad

The full list of planned deliveries can be found here: LGB New Items 2014 – Delivery Dates

Polk’s GeneratioNeXt PCC Trolley & SF Heavyweights

Polk’s GeneratioNeXt now offers a PCC Trolley in a St. Louis paint scheme (Art.No. GXT23318). Link: http://polksgenerationext.com/product/pcc-trolley-st-louis/

Polk's GeneratioNeXt GXT23318 PCC Trolley St. Louis
Polk's GeneratioNeXt GXT23318 PCC Trolley St. Louis

Back in stock is a Santa Fe Standard Heavyweight set (Art.No. GXT31911), which includes 1 Diner, 1 Observation, 1 Combine and 1 RPO car. Link: http://polksgenerationext.com/product/std-heavyweight-set-atsf/

Polk's GeneratioNeXt GXT31911 Santa Fe Standard Heavyweight Set