LGB Club Model 2015 Announced

LGB announced their annual Club Model for LGB CLUB subscribers, this time offering a refrigerator car in “Frauengunst” livery.

Two-axle refrigerator car with a brakeman’s cab painted and lettered for the food products company Fritz Homann in Dissen. The car has a prototypical paint scheme and lettering, and the doors can be opened. The car also has metal spoked wheels sets. This model is being produced exclusively for LGB club members. Length over the buffers 33.5 cm / 13-3/16″.

LGB 43261 Refrigerator Car Frauengunst Club Model 2015

Link: LGB New Items 2015

New Releases from Massoth

8319201 Graphite Lubricant – “Already in stock and available is this brand new graphite lubricant dosing tube. It prevents contact problems on bad track connections. Contains 50 grams.

8413901 Cylinder Steam Module for pulsed Smoker – “The brand new Cylinder steam module will add a cylinder steam feature to the existing pulsed smokers (8413501, 8413101). The pulsed smoker will receive software version 3.0, which has been completeley redeveloped in order to add this feature. Existing smoke units (of same type) may be updated in the factory. Expected to be available starting calender week 44/45.

8413501 Pulsed Smoke Generator V 3.0 – “This completely revised product will be available within the next few days. The new software version 3.0 is designed to operate the new cylinder steam module and comes with an update feature. Former smoke generators (of same type) may be updated in the factory to version 3.0 at a minimum charge. Standard prices and terms apply.

Massoth 8413901Massoth 8413101
Massoth 8413901 Cylinder Steam Module & 8413501 Pulsed Smoke Generator V 3.0

8220600 XLS Sounddecoder V 36 – “Starting November, the new sound project for the legendary german V 36 diesel switcher which will be available with a load depending and dynamic original
sound. At the same time, the new firmware version 2.93 will be published. Make sure to plan your sound decoder order in time with the delivery of the new PIKO loco. Standard prices and terms for XLS decoders apply.

LGB RhB Gak-v Freight Car Set Available

The latest delivery from LGB is the RhB Type Gak-v freight car set (Art.No. 40080), which comes with the following road numbers:

  • Gak-v 5402 (light brown with silver door)
  • Gak-v 5420 (dark brown with brown door)
  • Gak-v 5411 (light brown with silver door)

LGB 40080 RhB Type Gak-v Freight Car Set
Picture source: FGB Berlin

The set is available for €385 (MSRP €499,95) at FGB-Berlin, who also sells the freight cars separately.