LGB IV K Steam Loco ‘125 Jahre Zittauer Schmalspurbahn’

LGB announced two new items to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Saxon ‘Zittauer Schmalspurbahn’ narrow gauge railway.

The first new item is a type IV K steam locomotive in SOEG livery with road number 134 (Art.No. 26842), which is limited to 399 pieces. A matching freight car with road number 1381k is offered as well (Art.No. 30320).

LGB 26842 Steam Locomotive IV K 134 SOEG

Prices unkown as of now, I’ll update this post once I receive more info and a picture of the freight car.

Massoth Forum Shuts Down

Massoth announced they will close their German and English forums. Both forums were used to discuss topics related to Massoth products, and Massoth employees also published several DCC conversion guides on there.

The forums will be closed at 1 January 2016, but will remain in read mode for some time after.

As a replacement, Massoth launched the ‘Massoth Wiki’, which will be ‘a compilation of tutorials and tips & tricks‘.

Link: Massoth Wiki

Pictures LGB ‘Museum Schönheide’ Passenger Car

LGB recently delivered a passenger car in a red/beige paint scheme for the ‘Schönheide Museum Railroad’ (Art.No. 36352). The passenger car features complete interior details and metal wheels. The doors on the platforms can be opened. MSRP € 199,99.

The passenger car goes well with the Meyer steam locomotive 99 516 from LGB (Art.No. 26841).

LGB 36352 Passenger Car Schonheide Museum Railroad

The German ‘SPUR G NEWS’ website has some very nice pictures of the model: SPUR G NEWS.