Website Updates #2 2015

To improve your experience on this website further, I have added a Search widget and a seperate Search page. The default WordPress search function isn’t very good, so I’ve decided to implement something else. As I try to protect your privacy as much as I can (also the reason why you don’t see any social media ‘Share’ buttons on this website), I’ve decided to use DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo is a search engine like Google and Bing, but is primarily focused on protecting their user’s privacy. When you enter your search term on G Scale News, the DuckDuckGo page will show only results from within G Scale News.
Link: Search

I am currently expanding the Database section by adding products from various brands. New is a database with rolling stock from ‘Train Line’, only available in German for now.
Link: Train Line Produktdatenbank (G Scale News DE)

With the announcement of the new G scale brand ‘Pullman’, I have listed their products as well. Available in English and German.
– EN: Pullman Database
– DE: Pullman Produktdatenbank

More databases are coming in a later update, including products from American Mainline (AML) and USA Trains. These will be available in English.

A New G Scale Brand: ‘Pullman’

ESU, known for their digital components and electronics, entered the G scale market for rolling stock with their new ‘Pullman’ brand.

Pullman Logo

Pullman starts with a Rhaetian Railway ABe 4/4 II, which might look familiar to you. The Pullman team has acquired the designs from Kiss Modellbahnen, who have focused solely on metal models after their reorganisation last year. Pullman will bring the ABe 4/4 II in plastic, while promising a high level of quality. The Swiss railcar comes with a ESU digital sounddecoder with an integrated power buffer. The front and rear lighting switch with the direction of travel, the cab and interior are equipped with LEDs as well. The pantographs are equipped with servos, and automatically lower/raise with the direction of travel in analog operation as well!

ESU Pullman

Pullman will also develop new models entirely themselves, with a first effort being a range of Swiss ballast cars. The type Fd ballast cars are modelled in 1:22,5th scale, and come in different liveries for the RhB, MGB and FO.

ESU Pullman

Link: Pullman New Items 2015

New MX699 Decoder From ZIMO

ZIMO is currently working on a new version of their large scale decoder, named ‘MX699′. Compared to the current MX695 decoders, the new MX699 has expanded from 2×12 rows to 2×14 rows to support the Märklin/LGB decoder interface. There are more changes, which I will go into further detail about in a later post.

ZIMO MX699 Large Scale Decoder Preview

The first deliveries of the MX10/MX32 digital system from ZIMO took place in December, further deliveries will start mid February.